Volumetric interior living room with a bay window

Create a unique look in your living room and a bay window will help to add free space. Bay window, it is a part protruding from the rectangular contour of the room. The bay windows can be oval-shaped, can take the form of a rectangle and a square. Most often, bay windows are fully glazed and add light to the room.

A functional feature of the bay window is the addition of space to the room, so very often, without having a bay window in the structure, the building acquires it due to the efforts of the owners of private apartments. A popular trend has been to combine small balconies with rooms and create living room interiors with bay windows.

What can offer living room design with bay window - the ability to install additional seating space in the room, creating a cozy corner of privacy and tranquility. In the niche of the bay window, you can arrange not only a standard sofa with legs, but also create an unusual living room design with bay window.

As mentioned above, it became very popular to combine a balcony with a room, such a solution gives ample opportunities for design. Glazing on the balconies with a through fence, can be extended to the floor, which will add French style to the interior.

A bay window niche can be both a seating area, a place for a small table and a couple of chairs, a few candles, an evening landscape of a big city outside the window and living room interior with bay window turns into a corner of a gentle encounter for two.

The bay window can also be a place for games of a young tenant of an apartment, a sofa with a place for storing toys or a bedside table is installed in a niche, and here is a separate “kingdom-kingdom” ready.
There are a lot of options for using additional space, depending on the purpose of using a bay window niche, it is worth considering the corresponding decor.

AT living room design with bay window most often use translucent curtains and air organza or tulle, they are well transmitted light. If you want to add colors to the room, then a good solution will be curtains with a colored sheen, the sunlight passing through them will fill the room with a warm shade of color that blends in nicely with your interior.

In addition to the curtains, curtains must be used, usually they are located on the sides of the arms. This use of fabrics gives living room interior with bay window The view is majestic and elegant.

To use blinds, both vertical and horizontal, in a residential area, however, is not worth it. If the interior is made in the style of minimalism or hi-tech it is better to use analogues of curtains, curtains, screens or roller blinds. They will “cut” the eye less and give the interior more charm and light.

Photo of living room with bay window with a semicircular sofa shaped bay window.

Photo of living room with bay window with a place to rest.

Photo of living room with bay window with a place to read books.

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