Kitchoo kitchenette for home

A small kitchen delivers an incredible amount of problems, and saving at least a little space, while accommodating everything you need into it, seems like an impossible task. Compact kitchens Kitchoo will be able to solve some of these problems. They are equipped with all the necessary elements and incredibly practical.

Compact kitchens Kitchoo's French company confirms that everything, all kitchen elements can occupy a minimal amount of space. Almost all models compact kitchens equipped with stove, built-in fridge, microwave, telescopic (folding) faucet-mixer with sink, dustbin and dishwasher, occupying a space equal to the volume of a small chest of drawers.

In their kitchenettes for home Kitchoo designers have calculated everything to microscopic elements. For example, the lack of pens will relieve the owner from wounds and bruises during cooking in a small room. At the same time, all cabinets and shelves are the most accessible, conveniently and silently closed and opened.

Everything in this kitchen is made for the convenience of the client: a countertop resistant to damage and scratches, a top plate with a hob and sink that is easy to clean. You can even choose the color of the case.

Cost of kitchenette for home from Kitchoo varies in price range from 5400 to 6800 euros, depending on the configuration. Presented kits mini kitchens for home can also generate the concept of the production of furniture of this format with their own hands or in one or another professional workshop.

Photo of mini-kitchen from Kitchoo.

On photo kitchenette from Kitchoo, transforming into a computer desk.

Kitchens from Kitchoo are perfect for the interior in the style of loft, minimalism or high-tech.

Photo of mini-kitchen from Kitchoo in the interior.

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