Dining table for a small kitchen: types, design, shape, location in the room

When choosing a table for a small kitchen, you must take into account that overall furniture will take up too much space and leave little room for movement.

What kind of table is better to choose for a small kitchen?

Not every apartment owner can boast of spacious apartments. The more compact the room, the more ingenuity it is necessary to show when choosing a kitchen table. It is important to take into account the number of households, the convenience of furniture for the dining area and the style of the interior.

Table transformer

This design, which increases or decreases its size due to moving parts. Transformers are of different types: two-tier, sliding, folding. The most functional are shelves that serve as an additional place to store dishes.

The photo is a dark practical table consisting of three parts. The owners of a small kitchen regulate the area of ​​the tabletop depending on the number of persons or cooked food.

Bar counter

The narrow and long bar in small kitchens looks stylish and takes up very little space. It serves not only as a bar, but also as a dining place for several people. Such a solution is important for a studio apartment, because the rack effectively zones a small room.

Table book

This ergonomic design is convenient for a small kitchen so that when it is not needed, it easily folds and takes up a minimum of space in the room. If necessary, it moves or is placed in another, more spacious room.


This solution saves the space of the room as much as possible. Under the countertop sill best fit high bar stools. With a good location of the apartment during lunch, you can admire the view.

The photo is white interior with black and red accents. The window sill, turned into a countertop, fits perfectly into a small designer kitchen.


This is a multifunctional kitchen cabinet, which is located separately from the rest of the headset. The island is difficult to replace the dining table, especially in a small kitchen, because it "steals" 1-2 meters of space.

On the photo is a table-island in the kitchen with rounded furniture. Despite the small area of ​​the room, it will comfortably accommodate 5-6 people.


Such furniture, consisting of a tabletop and a support, is attached to the wall and unfolds when necessary. Usually made to order according to the size of the kitchen.

In the photo tabletop, which is removed in a two-tier wall niche. Unusual seats and background are the highlight of the interior, diverting attention from the modest size of the room.


This design makes the space of a small kitchen as comfortable as possible: the table is folded in one motion and does not interfere with cooking. Useful if the dining area is located on a narrow balcony, combined with a kitchen. Folding tables are made of wood, plastic and even glass. They have one minus - they can withstand only small weight loads.


His tabletop consists of two parts, which are moved apart and joined into one. The surface is doubled. Suitable for families who like to receive guests, but tend to save space in their small kitchen.

In the photo there is a small white kitchen with color accents. Light colors visually expand the space, and the glossy sliding table seems to dissolve into the environment without overloading it.


Such a mobile table is usually equipped with wheels. Built into the kitchen, it rolls out completely or on one side. Can serve as an additional work surface for cooking.

Forms of dining tables

The shape of the table depends not only on the space saved in the small kitchen, but also on how organically it will be combined with the furniture.

With rounded corners

Rounded shapes give the interior softness, moreover, such furniture is less dangerous for children. A variety of types and colors allows the use of tables with rounded corners in the interiors of a variety of styles - from high-tech to Provence.

On the photo is a small Scandinavian-style kitchen. The modern table fits in harmoniously with the decor, has no corners, and is therefore convenient for movement in narrow aisles.


It fits into a corner and saves space well by filling the space, which is usually left free. The two sides of the countertop can be connected to the kitchen, walls, window sill. The downside is the small capacity - 1-2 people.

The photo shows a rectangular corner worktop, which connects to the kitchen and wall.


Quite compact, but practical and safe. Behind him is easy to accommodate 5-6 persons. For a small kitchen, you can choose a transformer with an oval-shaped tabletop or an original table on one leg.


Several people can eat at the same time at a narrow table - the amount depends on the length of the installed table top. If you choose it in the color of the walls, the space of a small kitchen will not visually decrease.


The tabletop, which is a semicircle, is placed with a straight side to the wall. If the set includes chairs with rounded backs, the saved space will increase.

Square or rectangular

This is the most popular option. If the area of ​​the room is small, then the furniture with corners is chosen small. Placed near the wall or in the corner.


May move into a corner or be appropriate in an irregularly shaped room. This is the most unusual version of furniture for a small kitchen. Like all tables of a non-standard size, it accommodates a minimum of people. As the seats are best suited compact stools.

The photo shows an unusual kitchen, in which there was no place for a standard dining table. Designers found a way out by inscribing a triangular design in a small space.

The arrangement of the table in the kitchen

From the arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen depends on the ease of movement of apartment owners. The daily cooking process must be comfortable, which means that the table should not interfere with this. A great way out is to place it by the window, turning it into a bar counter. Then, placed at the same level as the rest of the headsets, it will serve as an additional cutting surface.

The wall table is conveniently wide enough for this room. But more often it is located in the corner: this way there is more room for maneuvering in a small kitchen. It happens that the furniture is installed in the center, but for this it must be mobile, so as not to obstruct the passage.

In the photo there is a small kitchen where the table is located in the middle. It has additional moving parts that, if desired, turn a square table into a rectangular table.

Kitchen table design ideas in the interior

In an effort to squeeze maximum benefit out of every inch of space, without losing beauty, designers come up with all new eccentric ideas: two-tier tables, table tops with photo printing, seats of irregular shape and much more.

A table for a small kitchen can even stretch along a corner. An idea borrowed from the cafe's interiors will also be an excellent solution: tables with a round leg and soft mini-sofas in the dining area by the window.

In the photo there is a small narrow kitchen, the lack of which the designers turned into an advantage by styling the room for a cozy cafe.

Photo Gallery

Table - one of the most important elements of the kitchen. Due to the variety of sizes, colors and shapes offered by the modern market, even the owners of studios and small Khrushchev houses have ample opportunities to choose comfortable and beautiful furniture for home gatherings.

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