Lighting in the bedroom

The interior of any room depends not only on the placement of furniture and the color of the walls, but also on the correct type and brightness of lighting fixtures. For example, the selection of options lighting in the bedroom We will consider what solutions we offer designers.


On photo of lighting in the bedroom luxurious sconces are used above the bedside tables on either side of the wide bed. This image belongs to the classic design. If you do not know how to arrange light in the bedroom, apply the classic technique and you will not go wrong, the relevance proven over the years, you will not fail.


The bedside lamps are replaced by pendant lamps, they leave more free space, and they are no worse than coping with the work of creating intimate lighting in the bedroom. In addition, suspensions are the most current trend in the “lighting” fashion.

Table lamps

When it is impossible to conduct additional wiring to the bed, table lamps are very helpful. Light in the bedroom from them no less than from other luminaire options, while at the same time finding the right option for the interior is not at all difficult, as well as changing them if you want to update the design.

Directional lights

Bedroom lightingWith the help of small bright directional lamps it is used as an option for reading books or evening browsing of Internet resources. Usually, such a lamp quite sharply contrasts the design with the overall interior, so if there is a need for such lighting, it is better to make it either mobile or very small in size.

Multi-level lighting in the bedroom lighting

Bedroom lighting requires serious technical training and the creation of a separate design of the project with preliminary calculations on the direction, intensity and shades of light.

Light scenarios can be constructed at various levels. When lamps are placed on different surfaces, a different version of the interior is obtained, on photo of lighting in the bedroom beautiful examples of distribution lights in the bedroom in different planes.

On photo of lighting in the bedroom for everyday needs are used: aluminum suspension on the ceiling, lamps with a ceramic base and a silk shade on the bedside tables.

For reading - an interesting and functional floor lamp with mother of pearl discs next to the chair. For work - a reading lamp on a chrome plated leg with a silk shade.

In this bedroom there is no chandelier that we are used to; LED strips light up the bedroom. For everyday needs are used: LEDs with aluminum profiles in special niches in the ceiling with closed light-diffusing matte screens, wall lamps above the bed of polished aluminum.

Additional lighting - LED strips with acrylic frame. They are used in niches at the head and bed base. The backlight in the ribbons is controlled by a switch: you can set different color change modes and change the intensity of the glow.

On photo of lighting in the bedroom for everyday needs are used: a five-horned ceiling chandelier made of galvanized metal, 2 hangers over bedside tables. On one of the pedestals there is a chrome lamp on the leg of metal with a black shade. On the other - a lamp with a white shade.

For reading - a floor lamp with a base of marble, a plastic canopy and a chrome-plated curved metal leg next to the chair. In the dressing room - aluminum lamps with energy-saving lamps.

From the presented examples can be seen, the light in bedroom lighting can play not only a purely technical role, but also be an additional source in creating a zone of increased comfort.

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