Bedroom design in the attic with dressing room

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Bedroom design in the attic provides a place to rest, for work and a large dressing room that solves all the problems of storing clothes, and also original. The architects managed to combine the seemingly incompatible: save space, and saturate it with various functions.

To visually enlarge the attic, bedroom design with dressing room made in white colors, to which added shades of natural wood.

The TV is located directly opposite the bed, on the console, forming a single unit with the work desk.

The console is made of natural wood covered with oak veneer, which provides not only an expressive appearance, but also durability.

AT bedroom design with dressing room mainly natural materials were used - the bed was made of pine according to author's sketches, and also finished with oak veneer.

Instead of the usual bedside tables near the bed - comfortable shelves, also wooden.

The bed itself is located in a niche upholstered in panels. Panels are tightened in fabric, forming a soft headboard, and at the same time and reducing noise loading in a sleeping zone.

"Highlight" bedroom design in the attic - wardrobe from glass-triplex. It is divided into three sections. There are bars, shelves, cabinets with drawers on the left and right, and right next to the window there is a shelf with shoes and a comfortable mezzanine.

Mirror cabinet door gives you the opportunity to look at yourself in full growth.

The metal parts of the dressing room do not shine and do not glare, since they are made of satinated metal, and the wooden elements have the color of light oak, perfectly combining with the decor of the main part of the bedroom.

This glass construction is used in bedroom design with dressing room in order to keep natural lighting to the maximum, and given the fact that in the attic windows are traditionally small, it was not so easy to do.

The tree here is even on the ceiling: the slats of dark color, copying American walnut, help to preserve the visual integrity of the entire space, and at the same time set a special rhythm. Such ceilings are quite demanding of lighting, with the wrong choice of the room can look gloomy.

Therefore, in the working area hung powerful lamps, and in the bedroom and dressing room - those that give a softer, more peaceful light.

Lightbedroom design in the attic also provides for LED backlighting, in which it is very convenient to watch TV, and sconing lamps next to sleeping places, which make it possible to read before bedtime.


Source: Country Response Program
Project: "Attic with transparent dressing room"

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