Mansard design apartment

Design of an attic apartment 36 square meters m. a bit like the atmosphere at the old winery of the beginning of the century somewhere in New York, or the old attic in an American village. Someone will see this mansard apartment a hint of Scandinavian style, very common in the design of apartments and private houses.

The room layout turned out to be non-standard, therefore during the development attic apartment design I had to place a dining area under the stairs. Usually the table is placed near the window, it was not possible to do so here. But it turned out the result is very original.

Opposite the kitchen there is a small corner where you can relax and read a book. Nearby provides the ability to store cute little things that are always enough in the living room.

Design of an attic apartment it is designed in black and white colors: a white kitchen and a black chest of drawers stand out brightly against the background of the wallpaper of the cloudy sky.

The second floor, on which the bed is placed, has a modest size and adds an additional 12 square meters to the apartment. therefore, the designers used an unusual move for decorating it: pots with flowers placed on top of kitchen cabinets decorate both the lower and upper rooms at the same time mansard apartments.

A small working area due to the white lacquered surface does not reduce the space.

Design mansard apartmentsthought out to the smallest detail, shows that even with an inconvenient room layout, you can create an unusual and very comfortable space for housing.


Apartment plan

View from the window on Liseberg

Watch the video: Mansard House Tour (September 2019).

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