Loft apartment interior 40 m2

Apartment 40 m2 located in a house built before the revolution. It was this house, and also the place where it is located - in the center of the city - and gave the main idea for the interior. After all unnecessary structural elements were dismantled, the old house structures were opened. They became decorative accents in the interior of the renovated apartment.

After re-planning in the apartment 40 m2 the bedroom “moved” to the place of the kitchen. The main living space is divided into two main areas: the living room and kitchen area.

Living room

The main decorative accent of the living room area of ​​the loft interior is natural leather near the sofa, which is the center of the whole apartment. On it you can watch TV, contemplate the languages ​​of fire dancing in the fireplace, and through the enlarged window opening and the large balcony door the living room visually unites with the inner courtyard of the house, which sets the mood in the apartment.

After the restoration work, thick walls of old brick turned out to be visible. This became the main loft interior.

The impression produced by the walls was reinforced by laying out part of the floor — on the balcony and in the hallway — by paving stones.


The corridor of rather unfortunate proportions — elongated and narrow — was visually corrected with the help of large mirrors.


The pipes in the bedroom were left in sight so as not to reduce the volume of the room, and turned them into a stylish coat hanger. Thus managed to create a modern interior, retaining elements of antiquity.


The bathroom is separated by a glass partition, which visually increases its small size.

Watch the video: NEVER TOO SMALL 40m2 Apartment Design - Apartment 6 (October 2019).


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