Interior design of one-room apartment 39 sq. M. m

Studio apartment 39 square. m. located in the old quiet area of ​​the northern capital. The house is also old, which created certain difficulties for redevelopment. But as a result, it was possible to achieve the main thing - to create a modern residential space on a small area of ​​a standard small-sized apartment, providing for all the necessary comfort zones.

The interior design of a one-room apartment also takes into account the need to store various sports equipment, the possibility of arranging a guest bed, and if necessary, change not only the mood in the house, but even its layout.


In general, the resulting style can be called Scandinavian minimalism. The abundance of pure white color, storage systems, hidden from the eyes, textiles, natural wood - all this brings the Nordic notes into the interior.

The interior of a one-bedroom apartment with a bedroom combines shades of gray and beige. Black elements emphasize design features and are accent. On the main white background, warm tones of wood and bright sunny shades of textiles create a cozy atmosphere.


Almost all the furniture was made specifically for a one-room apartment of 39 sq. M. m on the drawings of the designer. A wall with a TV panel is originally decorated: a narrow long shelf for equipment is suspended from the ceiling on metal brackets painted black. The mounting of the sliding glass partitions between the living and sleeping areas is similarly done.

In the bedroom, the bed during the day is retracted into the wall, decorated with wood, and at night it reclines. On both sides of it are built storage systems.

Bedroom by day.

Bedroom at night.

The interior design of a one-room apartment provides different light scenarios for different occasions. Also with the help of light you can emphasize the zoning of space. The dining area is indicated by a large black suspension - as a bullet in the text.

An unusual floor lamp and a metal pendant in the living room area will help to create coziness and a calm mood, or to light a book in your hands. For a uniform overall lighting of a one-bedroom apartment with a bedroom in all areas there are ceiling lights that can be directed in the right direction. At the same time they serve as an element uniting space.


It is impossible to place bulky closets in a small area, so I had to look for other solutions so that in a one-room apartment of 39 square meters. m. store and bike, and alpine skiing, and all ski equipment.

For this purpose, during redevelopment, we specially provided for two separate rooms. One is intended for ordinary clothing, the other, of a smaller volume, for sports equipment. Bicycle fixed on the wall - so it does not interfere and does not take up much space.

In addition, when designing the interior design of a one-room apartment in each zone, we provided for our own storage areas. In the bedroom it is a wardrobe, the middle part of which turns into a bed at night, and in the side you can store bed linen or other items.

In the living room there is a long spacious shelf suspended from the ceiling on the brackets, in the hallway there is a neat cabinet under the mirror, in the kitchen there are high cabinets above the worktop, in the study area there are open shelves above the work desk, and even in the bathroom there is a spacious cabinet under the sink.

Studio apartment with a bedroom is not overloaded with decor. All textiles - natural, as it should be in the Scandinavian style. This is cotton, wool and linen. The brightest accents are yellow decorative sofa cushions and black metal elements of suspended structures.

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