The project is a studio apartment of 57 square meters. m

The design project of the studio is made in the popular loft style and attracts with an abundance of light, open space, strict geometry, a spectacular combination of white surfaces and texture of brickwork. The project shows that the conditions for comfortable living in a small apartment can be successfully created using several functional zones.

Kitchen and dining area

In the kitchen area, combined with the dining room, the linear suite is compactly located with a white worktop and glossy dark facades. The necessary kitchenware and storage systems are integrated into the furniture.

The peninsula with a sink is not only part of the work area, but also includes an adjoining table for family dinners. Surfaces "under the tree" and the yellow light brickwork helps to create a warm atmosphere, and the bright color of the chairs and works of art enliven the interior. To create a cozy evening atmosphere, pendant lamps with opaque lampshades are used.

Living area

Part of the apartment, designed for recreation, is characterized by the presence of a panoramic window. The furnishings include a comfortable sofa with a pleasant coffee shade and an elegant table with an intricate but light construction of glass and metal.

The most impressive detail of the project is a rotating partition with illumination and a one-sided mirror surface. It is interesting that the visual separation of the living and sleeping areas is not the only purpose of the partition. It gives you the opportunity to change the point of view of the built-in television panel, place books and magazines on the shelves, creates the effect of expanding space due to the mirror image.

Sleeping area

The design of the sleeping area supports the idea of ​​using the texture of brickwork to give the interior a unique look. As a decor, large photos with accent lighting and abstraction near the bed are used.

Bedroom lighting is provided by built-in ceiling spots, as well as directional and bedside lamps. One of the walls is occupied by built-in wardrobes with a minimalist design, and a rather simple, but original solution is used to create a berth - a wooden podium extended to the entrance to the toilet room.

Toilet room

This is a small room with plumbing fixtures, separated by a tinted sliding door. The room is impressive with contrasting mosaic trim and fragments of brickwork, in line with the general idea of ​​the presented design project of the apartment-studio.

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