Modern design project of the apartment from the studio PLASTERLINA

Modern design project of the apartment was created in Warsaw studio PLASTERLINA. They took the classic Scandinavian style as a basis for their creativity, and made it sound new, in accordance with the latest trends of modern times. Instead of the usual white color scheme interspersed with wood, the designers chose a combination of gray and coal black with large planes of natural wood, and in some places added accents of bright yellow color.

Living room

The living room looks the most traditional, although it is also incredibly modern. The design of this room turned out to be very technological, and at the same time extremely attractive and cozy. The room is divided into functional areas with a very unusual partition.

This is a wooden box, in the lower part of which a TV panel and an audio system were mounted on the living room side. On the kitchen side, in the lower part, there is a storage system, the upper part of which is “working” by the worktop. Above the worktop there is an open space, thus the living room and the kitchen are simultaneously separated functionally and visually connected.

As a decor in the living room on the wall behind the sofa - a large map of the world, on which the landlord notes with the help of photographs of the country where he has already managed to go. The colors in which the apartment is sustained belong to a neutral range, and create a calm background for relaxation, on which the design features of the interior are clearly highlighted.

Following the latest trends, the designers separated the functional zones from each other, but at the same time preserved the visual connection between them, using the method of "open lines" in the modern apartment design project.


The dining area is located at the junction of three zones: the entrance, kitchen and guest. A simple rectangular table and four Scandinavian-style Hee Welling chairs, designed by the designer from Denmark, are highlighted by two semi-circular suspensions attached to tires. Tires are aimed in such a way that the suspensions can be distributed in the space of the room as it is necessary at a given point in time. For example, one can be left above the table, and the other can be moved almost to the center of the living room.

The “concrete” color and texture of the lamps give them massiveness and solidity, although this is a purely external effect: in fact, the lampshades are light in weight and elegant in shape. Such an arrangement of the dining room is very convenient - close proximity to the kitchen facilitates the laying and cleaning of the table.


The deep gray color of matt kitchen fronts is in line with the latest fashion trends in interior design. Much attention is paid to lighting. In addition to the overhead ceiling lights, both work surfaces are highlighted. The one that covers the storage system and serves as an element separating the kitchen and the living room is highlighted by a long LED stripe embedded on top of the wooden “frame” of the partition.

The table top at the wall, in which the sink and hob are mounted, is additionally illuminated with a backlight that runs along it and around the perimeter of the storage system. Additionally, an impressive light effect is created.

Entrance hall

The entrance area in the apartment is very unusual. It serves as a buffer connecting the more traditional living room with an experimental kitchen.

The black wall, on which you can write with chalk, goes into the black ceiling and the same black floor. The mystery and depth of anthracite color emphasize the dark gray open wardrobe. In the same cabinet is arranged storage system.


This is a cozy and quiet room, the most consistent with the concept of the Scandinavian style that has developed for most people. It uses the same colors as the rest of the premises. The tree is relatively small - the head of the bed and the floor.

The narrow strip above the headboard accentuating the fixing line of the lamps is anthracite, the rest is the wardrobe, and the open shelves for books, and the walls are ash-gray. Light gray with a beige tint of textiles gives a warm atmosphere to the bedroom.


Primary colors are gray, black and white. A wooden frame around the mirror wall above a pair of washbasins connects the bathroom with the rest of the living space.

An unusual towel holder, similar to a tree branch, is fixed on the transparent glass wall of the shower cabin and has a grass-green color. Suspended luminaire from Mattias Ståhlbom is made in the form of a geometric structure made of wires of the same green color, ending with bulb bulbs. The third color accent was the old-style alarm clock on the counter near the sink.

Guest bathroom

In the modern design project of the apartment, a small bathroom room looks the most stylish. On one of the walls was a white storage system, contrasting with gray walls. In the middle of the system they made a niche for the sink, the wall above which was covered with a mirror sheet.

The lighting is very unusual. Above the sink, a Lampframe Herr Mandel suspension composed of wooden rhombuses intersecting in space descends from the ceiling. Wooden holders are mounted in the wall opposite the mirror, on which wires are wound, ending with lamp bulbs. Wires, wooden pegs and lamps form an interesting pattern that is reflected in the mirror. As a result, the illumination increases, and the space becomes visually more complex and more interesting.

To build such a "lighting device" on the wall is simple, for this you need only long electric wires, wooden pegs and a lot of patience. This design is called the "E27" and was designed by Mattias Ståhlbom.

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