Design apartment 65 square meters. m: 3D visualization from Julia Chernova

The well-thought-out layout of the apartment, well-chosen materials for decoration, furniture and decor from IKEA - all this made it possible to create a laconic and fresh interior filled in a modern style.

The layout of the apartment is 65 sq. M. m

In the apartment a slight redevelopment was made: the kitchen was combined with the living room, and part of the bedroom was allocated as a dressing room that satisfies the customer’s desire. The loss of space was compensated for by the insulated loggia.

Kitchen-living room design

The design of the apartment is 65 square meters. The finishing of one of the living room and kitchen walls is made with facing bricks, which is often found in the studio layout of apartments abroad. The visual center of the room forms a combination of modules and open shelves, which resembles the previously popular furniture wall. Surfaces covered with wood veneer are ideally combined with white facades.

In the center of the room is a corner sofa, complemented by an elegant coffee table with a floor lamp. Near the window there is a comfortable working place with chairs of accent yellow color. For the decor, multicolored pillows and an abstract gypsum panel are used. For evening lighting, three-dimensional suspensions and track systems on the ceiling are used.

Visual zoning is done with a different floor covering of the living room and kitchen, as well as with the help of a low partition with live grass. A dinner table was installed near it, which can be laid out for guests. Kitchen set with integrated appliances attracts harmonious combination of wood texture, yellow and white.

Bedroom design

Bedroom in the apartment project of 65 square meters. it turned out to be very secluded - the entrance to it is from the dressing room. The furniture consists of a bed and bedside cabinets, a low cabinet with a TV and a table for makeup. Relief wall covering with illuminated directional lights gives the room an elite look.

The attached loggia turned out to be a cozy corner with a view of the city. The interior is complemented by potted plants on original hangers.

Hallway design

A chest of drawers, a mirror and a clothes hanger determine the functionality of the hallway. Bright color accents stand out well on a white background and give the interior individuality.

Bathroom design

The interior of the apartment is 65 sq. M. The bathroom looks sophisticated due to an interesting combination of shades of gray with bright red fragments and eye-catching patterned tiles. Niches on both sides of the wall allow you to place accessories and decor.

Watch the video: Interior design apartment 65m2 3d render (October 2019).


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