Design of a one-room apartment with a balcony: 3D project from Julia Chernova

The spectacular design of a one-room apartment with a balcony is presented by the author Julia Chernova and demonstrates how to increase the living space by 7.6 square meters. m. by attaching to it the space of the loggia. This idea is well known, but in this apartment project it received a new breath: two entrances to the loggia facilitate the use of additional meters for work and leisure.

The interior is designed in the Scandinavian style with minimalist features. Non-standard approach to the use of black and yellow accents gave the design of a one-room apartment freshness and novelty.

Layout of a one-room apartment with a balcony

A slight redevelopment of the apartment in order to create a dressing room allowed to increase the functionality of the dwelling.

Living room design

The priority white color and the transition of the wood-like decoration from the floor to the wall made it possible to visually increase the volume of the room. On a dark background, hinged shelves with decorative objects and various trifles stand out favorably.

Near the wall is a compact sofa of bright attractive colors with a function of a berth, next to it there are coffee tables of different colors. Opposite the sofa is a nightstand with a television screen for easy viewing of programs.

The interior of the living room supports the general idea of ​​the design of a one-room apartment associated with the use of a contrasting black color. Cushions on the couch, armchair, floor lamp have such a color. An interesting piece of furniture in the apartment is a tall mirror and a stand for trempels with clothes at the same time.

The sliding door opens the exit to the dressing room.

A delicate suspension, green plants, a deer's head made of wood enliven the interior of the living room and help to feel unity with nature.

On the insulated loggia in the one-room apartment there is a working place with shelves in the same style as in the living room. Dark flooring, an accent-colored chair, a staircase rack with potted plants add individuality to the interior of the loggia. The amount of natural light is regulated with the help of fabric rolets, and in the dark time, a spot on the ceiling and a table lamp are used on the loggias.

Kitchen and dining design

The working area forms a corner set with built-in appliances. The two-tone color of the facades, the relief yellow finish of the apron with light, wooden accessories give the kitchen an attractive look.

The dining area with a wooden dining table is accentuated by a suspension with a large reflector.

Exit to the loggia from the kitchen allows you to sit comfortably in a corner with a cup of coffee.

Hallway design

In the hallway with natural decor and a full-height mirror there is convenient access to the dressing room.

Bathroom design

In the design of a one-room apartment, the white finish with the relief of the brickwork and the elegant metal shelving give the bathroom a luxurious look.

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