Design terraces in a private house in the suburbs

It is easy to attach a covered terrace to the house, it is much more difficult to turn it into a stylish and at the same time functional room that will allow you to enjoy outdoor recreation in full.

Designers suggested using natural materials and came up with a lot of expressive details that turned the utilitarian structure into garden decoration.

Construction and exterior finish

Any construction begins with the foundation. In this case, the foundation served twenty piles. The frame of the terrace is metal. It is tied with a channel and painted in dark brown. The result was a base for a patio terrace.

The design of the patio is simple and strict, but it is an elegant simplicity. The roof of the extension in the part where the dining table is located is transparent, made of weather-resistant and impact-resistant polycarbonate honeycomb. Near the wall, along which the working “kitchen” zone is located, the roof section is made of metal tile.

The floor is covered with a special terrace board laid on aluminum logs. A part was left of natural color, and a part has an “aged” look.

The design of the terrace in a private house is not limited to the terrace itself: the space around it also works for the general idea. On the ground around the perimeter of the entire patio poured a layer of cedar shells.

Firstly, it is a mulching material, secondly, it fills the terrace with the smell of fresh cedar, and thirdly - but not in the latter - it is very good to walk barefoot on such bedding, it is good for health.

The partition between the street and the terrace is finished with a flexible stone - this is a rare finishing material, which is a thin section of quarry sandstone. From the side of the plot on sandstone a landscape is drawn that will remind someone of the Crimea, and someone of the cold sea of ​​the Baltic states.

Sliding doors are made of plexiglass, during bad weather they protect from rain and wind, and do not interfere with admiring nature.

Interior decoration and furniture

Outside this wall was decorated with wooden panels assembled from cuts.

The interior decoration of the closed terrace of the house used natural materials. The lower row of kitchen cabinets was plastered with a flexible stone, and the upper one was decorated with wooden saws - exactly the same as the opposite wall.

The color scheme of the interior is calm and calm, beige and brown. The game of textures used - wood, stone, mosaic on the working tabletop gives the mood and expressiveness to the setting.

The design of the patio is organically interwoven with simple natural materials and the latest technical innovations. The sink is carved from a piece of granite, and the mixer is set to be modern.

In a special niche on the street - a gas grill, combining also a stove and an oven. Here you can not only cook shish kebab, but cook fish soup, fry potatoes, bake fish or make pies - to do this, just close the lid above the grill.

In addition, for smokers, it is possible to add smoke flavor to dishes using a coal tray.

The covered terrace of the house can serve as a dining room - at the big table the whole family can fit. In the case of more guests table can be expanded. The chairs, like the table, have a metal frame and are covered with a cloth that is easy to clean.

In order not to clutter up the patio with chairs, a wooden bench was placed along the long side of the table. Two chairs, made in the same design, can be placed on the street, and can fill the shortage of seats, if it happens.


The light design of the terrace in a private house has been carefully thought out: in addition to the necessary working lighting, quite bright and comfortable, carried out by simple LED lamps, a large chandelier was placed above the table, highlighting the area where family members would be assembled.

In addition, kitchen cabinets and stairs leading to the patio are illuminated with LED strip.

Another luminous element in the design of the patio - pots for plants. They have built-in LED lights, changing color at the request of the owners. It is controlled from the remote control. Large plants are planted in pots, which can grow in the open air in summer.


Every detail on the stylish closed terrace of the house is carefully thought out. Simple natural interior is saturated with modern “tricks”. Even knives are not simple, but Japanese.

Modern dishes and stained glass have become an additional decoration of the kitchen. A wooden “three-story” trolley filled with greens and vegetables is also an item of decor. Its content will constantly change, bringing a variety to the atmosphere.

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