The interior of the house of laminated veneer 200 square meters. m

The design of a wooden house made of timber was made in the European style with light oriental elements, concisely and modernly.


The color scheme was determined easily: dark floors, as is customary in Oriental styles, and light colors on the walls. The ground floor is dominated by natural colors - gray, beige, various tones of brown. Warm color accents were added to this natural range: orange, red, and bright multi-colored stripes on the carpet.

The wooden decoration of the lower floor, where the kitchen with dining area and living room is located, was “brightened” with the help of white. Decorative fabric paintings on the ceiling gave the situation lightness and solemnity. The bedrooms in the interior of the house of laminated veneer lumber, located on the second floor, are sustained in two tones: olive dominates in the master, and a delicate lilac shade predominates in her daughter's room.


In the design of a wooden house of timber used exclusive furniture, which was carried out by the author's projects. This is, first of all, the storage system in the bedroom and nursery, as well as furniture for the living room area. The rest was found in the Italian furniture catalog, and only for the kitchen chose a kit made in Germany.

The furniture has very simple shapes with glossy facades. Against the background of such minimalism, individual decorative elements of ethnics look particularly good: a curbstone near the headboard, a chair in the shape of a cocoon, suspended by the bed. These elements contrast with the smooth lacquer and the geometric shapes of the furniture, and are in harmony with the wooden wall cladding.

Storage systems

The interior of the house of laminated veneer lumber was found enough space for storage systems. The main one is in the entrance area, it is not even a wardrobe in size, but a large room reserved for storing things that are not used in the current season.

In the master bedroom, behind the headboard, there is a dressing area with high wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes and in the nursery, and in the guest room, which also serves as a study.


The wooden surfaces of the living room were softened with the help of textile cloths resembling sails. Behind these sails are hidden lighting devices that give daylight. Fabric for cloths and fixtures is special - it cannot catch fire even with prolonged heating. All the lamps in the house are modern, designed by well-known companies.

To bring an oriental flavor, lamps were set in ethnic style near the beds. A similar style, but of a different shape, the lamps were placed near the sofa in the living area.

In the design of a wooden house from a bar, a non-standard lighting system is used in the nursery: a track on which spotlights are fixed down the sloping ceiling. In addition, there is a general lighting - suspension with a canopy, and an additional at different levels - a floor lamp and sconce.

Another non-standard element of illumination - a very long chandelier, consisting, as it were, of several individual chandeliers strung on a common base - it descends from the second floor to the first in the staircase.


The interior of the house of laminated veneer lumber used a lot of different textiles. It is on the floor, on the ceiling, and on the walls. Gentle “sails” of the ceiling give solemn and official notes, patterned carpet on the floor and panels of textiles, by which the living area is separated from the dining room, add an oriental flavor.

These openwork panels also add symmetry. A similar fabric trimmed the wall near the stairs. Ethnic objects were used as decorative elements - in the living room it was a drum, in the bedroom - an elephant sculpture.

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