World map in the interior: features, photos

The world map on the wall can be an interesting solution, suitable for almost any style of room decoration. It can be placed in any room: living room, children’s room, study or kitchen - everywhere it can make the interior interesting and original, the main thing is to choose an option that suits you.

Types of cards

Maps in the interior can be used any: accurate geographical or political, fantasy, old or super-modern - depending on what result you want to get.

The basic rule: there should not be many other decorative elements, and they should not divert attention to themselves. Let the world map in the interior become the main component, and the environment will become a calm background for it.

As a rule, the actual map, that is, the pattern of the earth's surface, is placed on one of the walls, covering the other walls with neutral light shades, for example, beige, olive, white.

If the size of the room is small, then the world map on the wall should not be multicolored. It is best if the continents are marked with one tone, the water surface with another, and these tones will not be too bright.

Such a decision will help to visually enlarge the room. Typically, this option looks good in the room for any purpose - as in the bedroom, nursery or living room.

Photos in the interior of rooms

Maps in the interior can be any, for example - a map of your city or city where you like to rest, a map of the metro or your area will not only decorate the interior, but also can serve for its intended purpose - quickly find a particular location or pave required route.

An interesting idea is the visual division of space using maps. For example, in the working area - wallpaper with a map or a picture, and in the bedroom - any other type of finish.

Try to use the colors that are used in upholstery, curtains, decorative elements of your interior.

Living room

Those who like to travel, with pleasure, mark places on maps that they have already visited and plan future routes. For such people, maps in the interior have a special meaning.

If you paint the contours of the continents on one of the walls, denoting individual cities, you can make such marks directly on the wall. You’ll get an interactive map that will serve not only as a decoration, but also as a kind of informer.


The world map on the kitchen wall can be quite difficult to place: usually all the space is occupied by wall cabinets and household appliances. In this case, you can use a small map in the form of a poster, or put a picture of a geographic map on roller blinds.

Another possibility is to order an apron for a working area with a picture of cards.


The most "correct" map of the world in the interior of a children's room is a classical geographical one, giving an idea of ​​the real picture of the world. Indeed, for a child, it is, in fact, not just a design element, but a real geography textbook. However, it could be a map showing the world of his favorite children's books.


When making a bedroom map is usually placed on the wall adjacent to the headboard.


Traditionally, the best choice is to place the world map in the interior of the office. If a separate room for an office is not allocated, the map will help to visually highlight the working area in the living room or bedroom. Here you can hang them on the wall within the framework, or fix it on sheets of plywood and hang it above the work table.


The room of the bathroom, decorated in a nautical style, will successfully complement the maps of great geographical discoveries. Cards can be used in the decoration (wallpaper or tile), and as decorative elements (curtains for a bath or posters).

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