Curtains for dormer windows: types, choice of fabric, colors, design, fixings, decor

Curtains for dormer windows - a complex and unique design of an unusual window, but if you show a share of creativity and imagination, then such decoration will be real and exciting.

Features of the choice of curtains in the attic

It is necessary to take into account some of the nuances:

  • For windows that face the south side, use curtains with a special reflective lining that prevents fading and heating.
  • It is equally important to choose a fabric that does not accumulate dirt and dust particles.
  • For small attic space, it is desirable to use concise curtains with a simple design.
  • For sloping windows, it is better to choose curtains of denser fabrics, as a powerful stream of sunlight falls on them.

Types of attic curtains

There are many models for decoration. Among them you can always find something suitable to your taste.


Perfectly pass a sunlight or at all block it. Quite often, both horizontal and vertical lamellae of various colors and shades are used. Also, for mansards, pleated blinds with special spraying are chosen to create a reflective effect.


Laconic and compact. Can be made of thick or translucent fabrics, plain or decorated with a variety of prints.

On the photo is a rustic bedroom and beige roman blinds on the skylights.


Allow to save space in the room. Easily fixed to the frame and provide an opportunity to freely adjust the level of illumination in the room.

Curtains (tulle, veil and so on)

Make the interior elegant and give him some zest. Sometimes they are complemented by holders, decorative pickups or other accessories that add curtains to add even more originality.

The photo shows the interior of the bedroom and dormer windows with light curtains.


They will create a warm and cozy atmosphere and become an ideal option for decorating the attic. In addition, traditional curtains are perfectly combined with other types of curtains. To hold them, use special hooks and additional elements.


Close the room from the light and darken it at 80-90%. Perfect for organizing day rest.

Location and shape of windows

Despite the complex forms, there are plenty of decorating options.

With sloping ceiling

Curtains on an inclined eaves will look great. To regulate the lighting used in the form of straps tapes, brushes or fabric strips. Such a curtain composition especially emphasizes the unusual shape of an oblique window.

Bevel windows (oblique)

For such window openings suitable blinds, roller and regular curtains of loose materials. Fabric canvases located on the windows with a bevel will create a very cozy and romantic atmosphere in the room.

Triangular windows

Pleated curtains or curtains on hooks, evenly distributed on one side of a triangular window opening, will allow to decorate such windows, without limiting the imagination.


Compact rolls or pleated blinds are perfect for a trapezoidal window. Applying fabric curtains, the main thing is to choose the right eaves.

On large windows

Curtains of translucent, airy materials, such as organza or a veil, on the ceiling cornice, when you decorate large panoramic windows, look elegant and harmoniously complement the interior.

In the photo there is a living room with curtains on the attic windows.

Arched window

The best solution would be curtains, which are connected in the center of the upper part of the window opening. For completeness of the picture must use podlvaty.


On this window, any options for curtains look organic. The only thing that some direct models of curtains, when closed, will not be able to emphasize the original shape of the window.


Ceiling windows, transformers in the roof, are quite an interesting detail of the interior, they are suitable for Roman or rolled versions of curtains.

Material for roof curtains

A huge variety of materials allows you to create a relevant and attractive image of curtains.


Used for the manufacture of pleated curtains. Original paper accordion designs are ideal for those who want to customize the window opening.


Bamboo blinds look individually and extravagantly. Such a design attic windows will give the room lightness and elegance.


Plastic slats set a stylish design and original appearance of the window of almost any shape. In addition, this material has durability and environmental friendliness. Blinds are very practical, easy to use, maintain and clean.


Metal products are durable, are not deformed and they are quite easy to maintain. However, such models are easily heated. Therefore, they are not recommended to be installed on windows that face the southern side.

Fabrics (tulle, organza, linen, cotton)

Fabric canvases will give the interior a complete look. There are no specific criteria in the choice of material for curtains. The only density of the fabric will depend on which side the windows are located.

Ideas in various styles

Dormer curtains should be in harmony with the overall style and interior space.


The combination of tulle with curtains will transform the atmosphere, bring elegant notes and create an aura of comfort in a classic interior. For fastening of such curtains use double eaves or clamps, supplement the original design with hooks or clamps.

The photo has a classic-style cabinet and dormer windows decorated with tulle curtains.


Attic floor in loft style should be well lit. Therefore, simple monophonic curtain structures with a predominantly smooth or metallized surface are used here.


Light and airy curtains of light fabric with unobtrusive floral patterns will perfectly let in the sunlight and harmonize with the whole room interior.

Country music

Best of all are not too bright curtains made from natural materials. Printed cotton, linen or cotton linen will help to create coziness, comfort and a finished rural look.

On the photo is a country-style children's room with curtains on the attic window.


This style welcomes simple geometric shapes. Rolled curtains or blinds will give interior design completeness.


Light curtains or blinds in pale, cool colors will look good here. Especially asceticism of the Scandinavian style can emphasize metal blinds.


The main principle of chalet style is the use of only natural fabrics. Such curtains will create a cozy atmosphere and perfectly fit into the interior in the spirit of alpine mountain wooden houses.

On the photo is a bedroom in the style of a chalet and skylights with light curtains.

Color spectrum

With a properly selected color, the room acquires a truly exceptional view and simply will not want to leave this room.


Conservative color. Curtains in such a noble, elegant and soothing beige color scheme, create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the room.


Choice for personality with delicate taste. Burgundy curtains will add special warmth to the room and cause a feeling of stability and prosperity.


It gives the room a feeling of freshness, lightness, romance and adds optimism.


Deep color. Its associativity with the coolness allows the use of blue curtains for the windows that are located on the south side.

In the photo children's room and dormer window with blue curtains.


Frosty and clean as snow. Canvases of this color visually increase the space of the room and the height of the walls.


Impartial and detached color, not conspicuous, which can be elegant and open itself through many complex shades.

Design and drawings of curtains

Bright images and large patterns on the curtains can revive any interior.

Geometry (stripes, abstraction)

Geometric prints are the most sought after trend. Striped curtains admire their aesthetic simplicity, and all sorts of abstraction always looks original and interesting.

Ornaments and patterns

Unusual drawings add beauty and home comfort to the room. Such decor attracts the eyes to itself and becomes the highlight of any interior.


Bright and multifunctional floral prints will add to the interior of the summer mood, romance, warmth and comfort.

In the photo there is a bedroom interior and a floral patterned curtain on the roof window.

With photo printing

They have only positive characteristics. They can easily decorate the room and give it a unique look, beautifully replacing a panel or a picture.

On the photo is a bedroom for a girl and a skylight with rolshtor with photo printing.

Photos in the interior of rooms

That curtains allow you to achieve a holistic design of the room.


Any option is suitable for the bedroom, the choice depends only on the style of the room. It can be as strict blinds, Roman or roller blinds, and curtains made from flying fabric, complemented by accessories in the form of grabs.

Children's room

It is not advisable to use complex colors and patterns. Canvases made of natural fabric of soothing shades, with their graceful simplicity will add to the interior of tenderness, both in the room for the girl and for the boy.

Attachment options curtains

Must emphasize the appearance of the curtains and ensure convenient use.

On grommets

The mounting on the grommets is suitable for sloping windows of the correct form, with a retainer or upper and lower cornices.


Allows you to easily draw out the complex attic windows. With velcro, the curtain is securely fixed in position.

On hooks

This mount does not imply the use of a cornice. Wall hooks are ideal for light curtains.

In the photo there is a bedroom and dormer windows with curtains on hooks.

Decor ideas

Dressing curtains should be not only beautiful, but also functional.


Add to the attic room of luxury. However, this decor can be applied only in the presence of high ceilings and an abundance of natural light.


For traditional curtains very often use pitches. They not only create aesthetic folds, but also allow you to comfortably fix the canvas.


These decorative elements allow you to adjust the level of lighting in the room. In addition, when applied to curtains, a certain silhouette is formed.

Photo gallery

Curtains for skylights are a modern approach to the original decoration of non-standard window opening. They can turn it into a real art object.

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