Stained glass ceilings: types of designs, shapes, patterns, stained glass windows with light

Stained glass ceilings fascinate and amaze with their stunning beauty. This decor is a real work of art and undoubtedly becomes the highlight of any interior.

What is stained glass?

Stained glass ceilings are a suspended model consisting of glass panels that can be decorated with any kind of drawings and patterns.

Features interior design

A number of features for a successful decoration:

  • The drawing of the stained glass should be done in the colors that are present in the main interior design.
  • Such ceilings are not advisable to use in small rooms with too much decor, otherwise a feeling of congestion will be created.
  • The stained-glass window, located throughout the ceiling plane, is more suitable for spacious rooms, and for small ones a partial arrangement of inserts would be appropriate.

Ceiling types

The main types of stained glass ceiling designs.


They are made on a special metal frame, and then attached to the ceiling with the help of hangers.


They are prefabricated tiles that are inserted into the ceiling frame.

The photo shows a cassette-type stained glass ceiling.


Suitable for stained glass inserts that are mounted on a metal frame of a certain shape.

Ceiling lamp

Round type of ceiling that can have absolutely any size. Ceiling stained glass is a very bright element of the decor.


Stained glass in combination with drywall is very popular in the design of various interiors. Stained glass elements make it possible to lighten and embellish the constructions made of gypsum plasterboard.

In the photo, a plasterboard ceiling combined with a stained glass element.


Such models with decorative indentations look very impressive and creative.

Types of stained glass by the way of creation

Several techniques and methods used for manufacturing.


Fragments of this stained glass window are created by wrapping with copper foil using a blowtorch. Thus, a single structure is obtained, which can have both a flat and any other geometric shape. This technique is quite complex.


They may have a matte or multi-colored surface, which is created by means of flowing sand under pressure.


Allows you to create both flat and convex glass fragments baked in special ovens.

The photo shows a stained glass ceiling, made using fusing technique.


These models assume the presence of a special, flexible and durable frame into which glass elements are inserted.


The contour technique is a drawing made with the help of polymer paints, which can be produced both manually and with the use of computer equipment.

With the help of painting

With the help of acrylic painting and a pattern applied on the ceiling plane, an imitation of stained glass is created. This type has a special visual appeal.

In the photo imitation of stained glass ceiling, created with the help of painting.

Etching technique

Allows you to get a relief matte and rough image with the original play of light and shadow. This effect is achieved by treating the glass with a paste with a special acid.

Photo printing

Film with photo printing in the form of imitation of stained glass perfectly replaces glass and is less expensive, but at the same time a new-fashioned interior solution.

Photos of ceiling stained glass windows with light

Illumination makes the stained glass more weightless and gives the image depth and expressiveness.

  • Central lighting. The luminaire located in the center of the ceiling allows you to select a specific part of the stained glass structure, create a bright accent in the middle and make it a very interesting interior solution.
  • At the edges. This kind of lighting makes the center of the stained glass more darkened, and the edges bright and clear.
  • Acupressure. Competently located spotlights, take into account the meaning of the whole composition and perfectly complement the overall picture of the stained glass pattern.
  • Inside the stained glass window. Light bulbs give designs liveliness and make it more voluminous and original.

Various built-in lamps gently diffuse the light, which is interestingly poured in glass and brings to the atmosphere of fabulousness and magic.

Design and drawings on the ceiling

They allow you to create various effects on the stained glass window.

  • Sky.
  • Flowers and other vegetation.
  • Geometric figures.
  • Patterns and ornaments.
  • Abstraction.

The photo shows a stained glass ceiling with a flower pattern.

Competently thoughtful artistic composition of a design or pattern allows creating stained glass that will perfectly fit into any interior.

Forms of ceilings

These models form are divided into the following types.


It is an unusually attractive ceiling decoration that looks sophisticated and light.

Rectangular or square

This standard form is great for decoration of virtually any room, regardless of their size and purpose.

Around the perimeter

Perfectly decorates and harmonizes the interior of the room, emphasizes its shape and visually corrects the space, making it clearer and more organic.

In the photo is a stained-glass insert, located around the perimeter of the ceiling.

Dome shaped

Such a complex structure can have many different forms from the correct hemisphere to a multifaceted and prismatic dome. This ceiling design is more suitable for spacious rooms.

Custom shapes

The original forms of stained glass are quite atypical design decision.

Design ideas in the interior of rooms

With the help of a stained glass ceiling, it is possible to transform the interior of any room beyond recognition.

Corridor and hallway

For the corridor or the hallway fit, both low-key options and more expensive design techniques. They will make this room status and elitism.

In the photo stained glass cassette ceiling in the interior of the hallway.


Plexiglas with a color ornament or mosaic will make the interior truly unique and modern. Stained glass draws attention to itself and becomes the main center and an integral part of the entire bathroom composition.


This design of the ceiling forms an elegant decor and, in combination with various lighting devices, creates a soft diffused light, visually increases the space and makes the situation in the kitchen more comfortable.

Living room

Such models significantly transform the living room space, bring sophistication, luxury and originality into it. Colored glass creates interesting highlights, which play beautifully on different surfaces.

In the photo there is a living room with stained glass inserts on the ceiling.


Stained glass models bring lightness, airiness and unique chic to the bedroom atmosphere. Unobtrusive, not too bright patterns will create a particularly warm atmosphere in the room.

Photo gallery

Stained glass ceiling is a subtle and very elegant decor. It brings into the room a warm and mysterious atmosphere of comfort, emphasizes the refined taste and just perfectly decorates and transforms the whole interior.

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