Wall decoration photos: design, location, theme, photo in the interior of rooms

The decoration of the wall with photos allows you to fill the room with warm memories and bring a cozy atmosphere to it. With the help of various collections, carrying in themselves certain plots, events and emotions, you can add to the whole atmosphere of incredible comfort.

Photo Card Design Options

There are a variety of design options used for wall decoration.


Frames for images are most often selected considering the general style and color palette of the entire room. For registration, you can choose as a frame, made in one color, and multi-colored frames of different thickness.

For bright walls, a brighter and thinner frame for photo cards is perfect, and for neutral walls you can choose dark frames that will create an interesting contrast accent.

Without frame

With proper placement of pictures without frames, create a lively, natural and unusual composition that looks very original. Due to the absence of rim such photos perfectly fit into the decor of the room.

The photo has a bright wall decorated with color photos without frames.

Frames are also not used for modular photopictures or multi-panels consisting of segments of any shape and size.

Black and white

Retro photographs or photographs in black and white, decorated with classic frames, with a symmetrical or arbitrary arrangement on the wall, will undoubtedly become the main element of the interior and bring unique originality into it.


A miniature format of pictures from a polaroid film, supplemented with a specific phrase or a memorable date, will look on the wall especially nice and remind you of pleasant moments.


With the help of a small card, in the form of a square, you can decorate the wall in a variety of ways, for example, to completely cover the surface or create even rows at the same distance from each other.

How beautiful to decorate the wall?

The most interesting design options for walls in the house.

Heart shaped

A photo collage in the form of a heart transforms and softens the atmosphere, filling it with pleasant sentimental emotions and warmth. Such a design will be an excellent solution for joint romantic pictures.

In the photo there are small color photos placed in the shape of a heart on the wall.

On corkboard

Cork board is a very convenient interior subject for modern design. Natural textured material, originally decorated with your favorite photo cards, gets a really interesting look.

On clothespins

With the help of photographs and ordinary linen wooden or modern bright clothespins, you can create, not just a decoration, but a kind of artwork for decorating an inconspicuous empty wall.

On shelves

Due to its mobility, you can place pictures, not only on the wall, but also place them on the overhead shelves. Photo frames of various sizes, slightly overlapping each other will become a very stylish decoration of any room.

The photo shows the interior of the living room with a wall decorated with shelves with photographs placed on them.

With garland

With the help of such a collage, you can noticeably refresh and transform the decor of the room. Soft light emanating from the garland will give your photos an unusual look and turn them into a real art object of the room.

On the suspension

The photo on the pendant in the form of an ordinary rope, string or satin ribbon will create a unique and unique finished composition and fill the space with brightness and tenderness.

Tree shaped

Such a design in the form of a family tree painted or made from decorative materials with photographs located on each branch will become a peculiar decor of the room.

The photo shows a wall with a painted family tree decorated with family photos.

In the form of hours

The hands of the clock, pointing to the pleasant moments of life, will perfectly decorate any room wall and will create a bright accent on it.

With letters and inscriptions

Cute inscriptions or three-dimensional letters allow you to add compositions of expressiveness and emotionality. With this design you can create your own unusual collage.


Three separate photo segments, united by one ideological and storyline, fit perfectly into almost any interior and become its individual, not overloaded with unnecessary details, decoration.

The combination of large and small photos

Photo frames of various shapes and sizes with an orderly or chaotic layout can revive and add dynamism to even the most strict and discreet design.

The location of the photos on the wall

Several options for how to hang pictures on the wall.

Above the sofa

This arrangement is a traditional stylistic move. Asymmetrical placement of photo frames will be a peculiar highlight of the room, and the design in the center will add harmony to the space.

In the photo there is a living room and a wall above the sofa with the design in the form of black and white photographs.

Above the bed

Photographs located on the wall above the bed will attract attention to this part of the room. It will look organically, as one big photo, and several.

The photo collage triptych depicting nature, located on the wall above the bed in the interior of the bedroom.

In the corner

For decoration, you can use special corner photo frames, beautifully framing a corner or several photo cards of different sizes, but made in the same style decision. Thus it will turn out to create a creative, original and very effective design.

Chaotic order

It is an asymmetry with which you can safely experiment with the layout of photos. Composition that goes beyond the correct geometric shapes allows you to create a distinctive design.

Subjects photos

Thematic photographs provide an opportunity to bring a certain mood into the atmosphere.

  • Travels.
  • Photo of the baby for months.
  • Family.
  • By event.

The photo shows a black and white themed photo collage in the interior of a nursery for a newborn.

Ideas for decorating walls in the interior of rooms

Properly selected photos can fit into the interior of any room, make it truly individual, or even change the perception of space.

Children's room

For registration of children suitable photographs depicting the child, as in the strict classical framework, and with the most unusual bright frame. It will look very different original decorating experiments and ideas, such as exposure of photographs, showing the gradual maturing of the child, from baby to teenager.

Living room or hall

With the help of plot or personal photos in the same style, you can fill the living room with comfort and add special emotion to the atmosphere.

In the photo there is a modern living room with a wall decorated with photos with a family plot.


The photographs, hung on the wall in the interior of the kitchen, will become a stylish and modern decorative ornament that will delight the eye and create a favorable environment for staying in this room.


Photos for bedroom decoration should be with positive and happy moments captured. By Feng Shui, family, wedding pictures or photo scenes filled with love will be an ideal option for decorating the wall.

Hallway and corridor

The pictures within the framework will enliven the entrance hallway, harmoniously complement its image and attract the most attention.

Along the stairs

With the help of single-style photo frames located approximately on the same line, you can decorate the wall along the stairs. Such an exhibition will undoubtedly become one of the best ideas of decor.


In the design of the cabinet is important to respect the sense of proportion. To create a calm emotional background, several black-and-white photographs of the same format will fit with one or two sides of the wall.

The photo shows the interior of the cabinet and the wall with the design in the form of photographs in black and white.

Photos in various styles

Photographs can be placed on the wall in the interior of any stylistic direction.


One large photo-canvas or a gallery of several small art images in beautiful frames will become the final touch of classical design and create a harmonious composition in the interior. In this style should be placed portraits of loved ones, family members or photos of nature.


For the modern trend will suit stylish photo collages, composed with a special taste. With the help of a successful symmetrical arrangement, such a design will look quite profitable on the wall, stylistically transform the surrounding space and change the attitude.

In the photo there is a modern-style living room with black and white photo frames located on the wall above the sofa.


Here, black-and-white or bright and saturated photos with paper mat placed on the wall or on shelves will be appropriate. They will set the mood for space, and emphasize the expressiveness of the loft style.


Cute photographs in the old wooden light frames, or with a frame made with his own will allow you to form a cozy corner of pleasant memories.

Photo gallery

A wall decorated with photos will give the room coziness, comfort and uniqueness, will completely change the feeling about the environment, improve mood and allow you to create accents in the room.

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