Crafts from cereals and seeds

For the manufacture of simple and at the same time beautiful original figures, applications, you can use different natural materials. The most unusual crafts are obtained from the seeds of fruits and various deciduous trees. Also, cool crafts can be made from cereals, which can be found in the kitchen of any hostess. Natural materials are quite easily glued to any surface using plasticine or silicone glue. Therefore, they can even be used for partial decoration of watches or vases. But children studying in a kindergarten or school will be able to easily make original volumetric figures from them or make funny pictures. Below we have reviewed many ideas for the manufacture of such crafts. Using simple examples and step-by-step workshops, you and your children can easily and quickly make such crafts with their own hands.

Features of the use of seeds for creativity

From such natural materials as bones, seeds and cereals, you can make a variety of crafts. From them you can make:

  • applications: it is possible to spread pictures on a stencil or creating a pattern in the manufacturing process;
  • volumetric figures: large elements can be interconnected using silicone glue, small ones are usually glued with clay, and foam blanks can also be glued with seeds and groats;
  • small decor: fine natural material suitable for pasting individual parts of large crafts or paintings, watches;
  • pendants and beads: sticking seeds to ribbons or gluing them in the form of various objects (snowflakes, Christmas trees) allows you to get custom decor for your home or original jewelry.

For the display of pictures of seeds and cereals is recommended to use cardboard. Paper for such handicrafts is unsuitable, since under the weight of natural materials it will bend strongly.


Variety of seeds

By combining different types of seeds, you can get the most unusual and amazing crafts. Such natural materials can be divided into the following groups:

  • Regular seeds (in the form of droplets and ovals).

These include sunflower seeds, watermelon and pumpkin. They are most often used to create bulk crafts or pasting bases.

  • Cereals.

From the usual buckwheat, millet, rice, you can create bright cool applications and full-fledged paintings. When using different types of materials, they can be stuck side by side or even slightly overlap (stick) to each other to form three-dimensional pictures.

  • Seeds of trees (maple, ash, elm).

Due to the large size and unusual forms are used more often for the manufacture of children's volumetric crafts.

  • Legumes (beans, beans, peas).

The variety of shades of such seeds makes it easy to apply them to create colorful unusual paintings and applications.

  • A variety of bones and grains (apples, nuts, coffee).

Used for pasting bases or assembling three-dimensional figures.

Separately worth highlighting the bumps. Their individual scales are great for decorating. But one-piece cones are often used for the manufacture of children's crafts for kindergartens and schools.

How to prepare

To create original handicrafts using seeds, it is necessary to dry natural materials well before use. This is the only way to guarantee their long-term preservation in the future (they will not peel off or shrink in size), and also to exclude the possibility of deformation of the finished picture or three-dimensional decor. To prepare for the operation of watermelon seeds, pumpkins, they must be well cleaned of the remnants of the pulp, then spread out in a single layer and wait for natural drying (they can also be dried in the oven). If necessary, you can spend the coloring of seeds (often used for rice, pumpkin seeds):

  1. Put the seeds in a bag, add acrylic paints (food dyes can be used, in extreme cases - gouache).
  2. Close the bag and mix the seeds well, evenly distributing the paint or dye. Leave on for 30-60 minutes.
  3. Lay out on a flat surface and dry completely.

Also, seeds can be painted directly after assembling crafts or laying applications.

Crafts from sunflower seeds

With the help of sunflower seeds available to everyone and everyone, such crafts are easily and easily obtained:

  • Beautiful decor "Sunflower".

As a basis the paper disposable plate is used. It is covered with yellow paper. In the central part of the plate black clay is stuck with a thin layer. Sunflower seeds are glued to this plasticine.

  • Figure "Hedgehog".

The trunk and legs of the hedgehog are made of plasticine. Sunflower seeds are glued to the back with sharp edges up. The figure is complemented by eyes and nose of clay.

  • Figure "Owl".

The foam ball is completely pasted over with a thin layer of black clay. In the front top of the ball of sunflower seeds laid out two circles of 2 rows. These will be owl eyes. They can be supplemented with highlights from white clay. The rest of the ball is completely glued with seeds to form feathers.

Pumpkin Seed Crafts

Pumpkin seeds are ideal for coloring, so you can make bright and non-standard crafts out of them. For example, together with a child, using this natural material, you can make:

  • Application "Sailboat".

Color the seeds in blue, blue and brown. A boat and a mast are laid out from brown seeds, from white ones - a sail. And from the blue and blue seeds laid out the sea and sky.

  • Painting "Carrots".

Sunflower seeds turn brown, orange and green. Carrots are laid out from orange seeds, from green ones - their tails. And from brown - the land in which these carrots grow. The background remains unadorned; therefore, white or light blue cardboard is recommended as a base.

Watermelon seeds

Small watermelon seeds are more suitable for displaying a variety of applications. For example, using such a natural material, you can make the following crafts:

  • Application "Cheburashka".

Cheburashka is drawn on a white sheet of cardboard. His little body and ears are sealed with watermelon seeds. As a peephole, you can put black pepper peas or make eyes of black clay.

  • The painting "Peacock".

A peacock is drawn on a white sheet of cardboard. The strips dividing its tail into feathers are laid out by watermelon seeds. On the tips you can stick the scales of cones or beans. The remaining "empty" elements of the picture are simply painted.

  • Unusual kitchen clock.

An old kitchen clock can be disassembled. The base (into which the clock mechanism is inserted) is glued with seeds. An indication is cut out of the golden paper and pasted over the seeds. The clock is assembled in the reverse order.

Seeds of maple, elm and ash for creativity

Unusual tree seeds are ideal as a supplement to the ready-made figures. They make interesting wings, ears. Also separately from these natural materials you can make the following original crafts:

  1. You can make bulk chrysanthemum or real porcupine from ash seeds. To do this, clay is stuck on a cardboard base in the shape of a circle, and the seeds themselves are stuck on it.
  2. And maple seed can be made in the form of a Christmas tree, unusual snowflakes. Such natural materials are very well suited for the manufacture of simple crafts for the New Year.
  3. "Fluffy" elm seeds will be an excellent basis for creating applications with different flowers. As the middles of the inflorescences can use peas halves. But ash seeds themselves will be beautiful petals. It is possible to supplement such applications with butterflies from dry leaves and branches-stems.


Seed Crafts Ideas

To choose what kind of crafts to make for decorating your home or for participating in a competition in kindergarten and school, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with simple instructions for making original products. You can use different types of seeds for:

  • Calculations of simple applications.

On a piece of cardboard you need to draw an image (for example, a sun, an owl, a cat). The background is laid out from small grains or cereals, the image itself can be pasted over with larger seeds of different shades: the sun can be made from sunflower seeds, the owl's wings can be decorated with beans.

  • Topiary.

Very simple crafts, which is based on a large foam ball. Such a ball can be pasted over with watermelon seeds, coffee beans. If desired, he can make a stand of a skewer or a branch. The design itself is installed inside a small flower pot.

  • Kitchen panels.

More complex crafts that are made on plywood. Thin slats are glued to the plywood to form numerous cells. The cells themselves are glued with different grains and cereals.

Hedgehog from seeds

Beautiful and realistic hedgehog can be done using sunflower seeds. You will also need a sheet of cardboard, silicone glue or clay, plastic decor in the form of mushrooms, apples. The work is carried out step by step in the following master class:

  1. On a piece of cardboard drawn hedgehog. His paws and face are painted pink (with a pencil, felt-tip pen, paints).
  2. The back is pasted over by plasticine.
  3. Carefully, starting from the top and going down, sunflower seeds are glued to the clay. Subsequent rows should overlap slightly with previous ones.
  4. Plastic apples and mushrooms are glued to the back of the seed needles with silicone glue (or glue gun).
  5. As a spout, the hedgehog can be glued with dried berry or a ball of black clay.

Pictures of seeds

Bright pictures of different materials can be made using different seeds of color. Without repainting them and selecting the elements of the application in shade, you can create an unusual crafts with your child to submit to the contest. The work should be carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Stick a piece of burlap to the cardboard.
  • Toward the upper right corner, separately paste 3 pea grains - they will act as the center of flowers.
  • Around one pea in 2 rows stick millet, near the others - lentils and rice.
  • Around the finished cores laid out in 1-2 rows of petals from pumpkin seeds, sunflower, watermelon.
  • Each flower is glued to 1 thin branch - it will act as a stem.
  • You can add a "bouquet" with dried leaves, which will become leaves of the flowers themselves.



To prepare for the autumn contests of handicrafts in kindergarten and school, it is possible to make not only applications in the form of flowers from pumpkin seeds, but also volumetric flowers. For work will require: cardboard, pumpkin seeds, clay, thick branch, glue gun. The craft itself can be made according to the following master class:

  1. One circle is cut from a sheet of cardboard (with a diameter of about 7 cm).
  2. Plasticine is pasted on a cardboard circle with a thin layer.
  3. In the central part of the inflorescence, 3 pumpkin seeds are planted vertically.
  4. Along the perimeter of the mug 2 rows of seeds are glued horizontally.
  5. Moving from the edges of the inflorescence to its center (stamens from seeds), the remaining empty space is filled.
  6. Glue gun to the mug glued to the bottom of a thin branch - the stem of a flower.
  7. If desired, dried leaves or paper leaves can be glued to the stem itself.


New Year's appliqués

You can make not only autumn crafts from dried seeds, but also create amazing New Year's applications. You can make such a craft using one of the following workshops:

  • Snowman.

On a piece of cardboard drawn silhouette of a snowman. On top of the image is pasted a thin layer of white clay. On the clay stuck rice. Eyes, buttons and nose-carrots can be made from paper or from plasticine.

  • Herringbone.

From the ash seeds laid out the trunk of the Christmas tree. A Christmas tree is drawn above it. Pumpkin seeds are glued on the drawn silhouette with sharp edges upwards. Then pumpkin seeds are painted with green gouache. Herringbone is decorated with bright "toys" in the form of purple beans and yellow, green peas.

  • Snowflake.

On a piece of cardboard drawn snowflake with a minimum number of patterns. From the drawn picture, small white beans are glued (on glue or plasticine).


With the help of seeds from different fruits, deciduous trees, as well as legumes, you can easily make cool crafts. It can be applications in the form of animals, natural landscapes or any silhouettes. But also painting different natural materials, you can easily create a bright picture on any motive. When used as an addition to cardboard, paper and plasticine, various seeds will be good helpers in creating three-dimensional figures for autumn and winter motifs. If you use them for decorating and creating panels, you can easily make your own hands a stylish natural decor for rooms and kitchens. In addition, with such materials like to work both adults and children. Showing your imagination and using simple workshops as tips, you can create amazing figurines or flat crafts without much difficulty.

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