Best Mirror Decor Ideas

The decor of the mirror can be various parts and fragments corresponding to the basic interior style. With this design it turns out to create an unusual, creative, incomparable design.

Varieties of decoration

There are two types of decor:

  • Frame decoration. Design frames, designed in accordance with the overall style decision, will not create a resonance with the surrounding space, but on the contrary will become its integral decor.
  • Decorations of the mirror itself. Jewelry is applied directly on the mirror plane itself, due to which a very elegant openwork design is obtained.

With the help of imagination and imagination, you can personally create a decor that will be harmoniously combined with any interior and style direction.

Frame decoration ideas

The most interesting decorating ideas that can be implemented with the help of scrap items.


A mirrored frame, decorated with intricate patterns, stripes or randomly scattered rhinestones, is interestingly shimmering in the light and thus creates unusual effects and voluminous accents in the room.


The decor of the mirror with the help of flowers and floristic compositions will add special beauty, comfort, warmth to the setting, ennoble and enliven the space, perfectly complementing the interior objects already in it.

Natural materials

Properly selected tandem will ennoble the most unprepossessing room,


Thanks to the design of the stone, you can turn this inconspicuous accessory into a spectacular dominant, which will become a real work of art in any room.

Sea shells

Mirror decorated with seafood has just an excellent appearance. Shell decoration, not only is a beautiful decoration, but also forms a special atmosphere in space.

Tree branches

In its own exclusive and original ordinary sprig of a tree, allows you to create an individual, creative and complete design of the mirror frame.

Wood cuts

This design has not only an unusual appearance, but is also natural and eco-friendly. To obtain a more voluminous and unique composition, the saw cut of the wooden massif can be supplemented with small sprigs, knots or creeps.

In the photo mirror located on the wall with the decor in the form of wooden cuts.

Decorative plaster

With the help of decorative plaster, you can create, at the same time restrained or luxurious, strict or delicate design and turn the mirror into a bright decorative unit.

Mosaic frame

Thanks to this amazing type of needlework, it turns out to decorate the frame with a refined, unique and personalized pattern or design that reflects your own style tastes and preferences.

On the photo is a bathroom and a round mirror with a mosaic decor.


The soft leather frame is a very interesting and original design solution that can bring refined luxury into the room. This design can be voluminous, made of practical eco-leather, leatherette or genuine leather, and the carriage-tie method is also quite often used with seams and rhinestones.

The photo shows a rectangular mirror product with a frame covered with quilted leather.


Solid or shredded discs form a very stylish, fashionable and unusual look of a mirror. The products glittering on light will allow to diversify any boring design.

In the photo there is a square mirror with decor in the form of crushed elements from old CDs.


With the use of multi-colored, monotonous or different in shape buttons, you can easily create a creative and bright frame for the mirror, which will look very elegant and original.

From the remnants of finishing materials

A piece of wallpaper or fragments of tile that has remained after repair can also be used as a decor. With the help of such materials it will turn out to embody a lot of great design ideas and personally make a colorful, cute and home decoration.


This technique does not require special skills and abilities to draw, using special napkins, brushes, foam sponges, stencils and varnish, you can create charming drawings on a decorative accessory and thus advantageously emphasize the entire interior style.

The photo shows a square mirror model with a frame decorated using decoupage technique.

Broken dishes

Colored, crystal, porcelain, clay fragments or other types of broken glass are an excellent option for the decor of a mirror. This decorating technique will bring some novelty and unique color to the room.


Natural, flexible and elastic ropes or threads, in spite of their uncomplicated appearance, will give the mirror product some charm and will be an excellent option for creating a completely new frame.

Plastic spoons

Scoops disposable spoons, painted in one or different colors, will decorate the frame and turn it into a lush decorative flower, the prototype of which is a chrysanthemum.

In the photo a small mirror, decorated with red scoops from plastic spoons.

Traffic jams

Whole beer or cut in half, circles, located along, across or in the form of a Christmas tree, wine corks, are not only spectacular decor, but also very practical.

Examples of decorating the surface of the mirror

Original decor examples:

  • Stickers. Beautiful, both ordinary and volumetric stickers, in the form of butterflies, colors or other images, significantly transform the situation and turn the mirror from a nondescript object into a real bright art object.
  • The painting. The mirror surface can be decorated with various patterns using ready-made stencils or hand-painted. Quite often, drawings of birds, animals, flowers, as well as dot, stained or Kudrino paintings are used for decoration.
  • Beads, beads. Glass beads or beads, perfectly transmit the light and due to this they do not block up the mirror plane. Due to the refraction of small faces, such a decor is bizarrely poured and undoubtedly attracts views.

In the photo there is a round mirror with stickers in the form of butterflies located on the side.

Various decorations can further emphasize this product and thereby complement and revitalize the spatial pattern of the interior, displayed in the mirror.

Photos in the interior of rooms

Design options in various rooms in the house.


With the help of individual decor mirrors, it turns out to give the bathroom completeness, thoughtfulness and special color. You can transform this product with beads, transparent beads, decorative buttons, pebbles, shells or use the decoupage technique.

Entrance hall

Competently chosen design will add real refinement to the hall. To enhance the decorative effect used a variety of patterns, bamboo or wooden branches, ropes or stones.

In the photo there is an oval mirror decorated with a rope rope on the wall in the hallway.


To form a beautiful and cozy interior in the bedroom, you can create an interesting accent in it with the help of a mirror model's decor. You can add romance and tenderness to the room with the help of glamorous rhinestones on a sticky basis, glass elements, jewelry, glass beads or beads. Various stickers, sequins, paintings or textile decorations are also perfect.

Living room

Mirrors, decorated with textile or paper elements, flowers, branches, wooden dies or other decor in monochrome tones, will bring tranquility, balance and at the same time uniqueness and author's design to the living room.

On the photo is the interior of the living room and a small mirror with the decor in the form of wooden dies.

Options in various styles

Decorating ideas used in popular styles.


For this style, vintage decor in the form of beads, lace, embroidery, herbarium, burlap, linen fabric elements, cones, shells or composition in pastel colors with the addition of flowers or fruits will be appropriate.


Wood carvings in natural shades, plaster molding or various openwork details in gold, bronze or silver colors will be harmoniously suited for a classic interior.

Art Deco

Art-deco is characterized by the shape of a mirror in the form of the sun, such a result can be achieved thanks to colored paper tubes, clothespins, plastic spoons or rays made from old CDs that combine brilliance and contrast corresponding to the fine artistic aesthetics of this style.

In the photo, the decor of a mirror in the form of the sun in the interior of an art deco dining room.

Eco style

The mirror model, decorated with straws, dried flowers, moss, thin reed stalks or wooden and stone elements, emphasizes naturalism and naturalness of eco-style.

A variety of original decor, in the form of expensive and valuable elements or improvised means, allows you to turn a mirror into a real work of art that can make any interior more stylish and original.

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