75 brilliant ideas on the organization of space and storage of things

Owners of a small living space sooner or later face the problem of lack of space. Some of them throw away some of the old stuff. Others are more creative and try to use space economically. Sometimes you have to store various accessories in the wrong place. Therefore, it is important to put things in order and sort the items in time to avoid useless clutter. It is worth doing zoning and correctly allocate the area for different needs. Even in a small apartment there is more space than it seems at first glance: if you properly group things into categories, there are options for creating new storage areas. You can equip them with the help of various items: old bags, baskets, racks. Only the most necessary things should be kept in living quarters; you should not keep old clothes there. The furniture should be spacious - this is its main purpose. Each room requires a special approach.

Rules of the organization of space

Do not fill the free space with unnecessary things. Something will have to throw something away. Think of where you can place bulky items. Choose the most suitable locations for everything, regardless of shape or size. One of the tips that experienced housewives give is to free housing from empty containers: containers, cans, boxes, baskets. They may be useful in the future, but if they now take up too much space and do not perform a practical function, get rid of them. The same must be done with defective appliances and its components. Outdated things will also interfere; technology and fashion do not stand still, and it does not make sense to keep something that is already irrelevant. Many keep old newspapers and magazines, but never re-read them - do not follow their example. Cabinets need to be freed from old clothes - most likely, it will no longer be used. You can organize the space in several ways. The first is the purchase of new furniture.

But there are more economical options:

  • the use of homemade shelves;
  • storage in a box of a folding bed;
  • increase the useful volume inside the furniture.


Optimization of space in the apartment

Any housing can be made more spacious. The simplest solution is furniture with a transformation function. Sofas, beds and tables with extra receptacles will help get rid of blockages. On sale there are modular cabinets, where chairs and a dining table can be easily "hidden". Creating a podium for placing a part of things in the lower tier is one of the most creative ideas for turning a cramped room into a spacious multifunctional room. Another useful device is shelving - it is preferable that they be tall, otherwise the structures will simply divide the space. Complex shelving systems are attached to the walls - the original snake-shaped options are the most capacious. Different meshes will also help to organize the space. Place the filled boxes and baskets under the working or kitchen table, if there is enough free space. Above the door you can build an open U-shaped cabinet. Another important place to store can be a balcony or loggia.


Ideas for storing and placing things in different rooms

In each room - separate rules for organizing space and placement of things. The kitchen can be equipped with a large number of open storage systems. The same applies to the nursery, but not the bedroom and living room - these rooms are designed differently. Proper space planning begins with a hallway. Residents and guests should have no problems with convenient placement of outerwear and shoes. The use of a multifunctional wall in the hallway will save space in the living rooms and pantry. Children's room requires careful planning. It is necessary to maintain order and make the room comfortable for the child. In the kitchen it is worth to place a magnetic board or railing system. The sleeping room can be made in the form of a podium: many things will fit in the lower part. From the furniture you need to buy wardrobes. A multifunctional modular system for a dressing room that holds all types of clothes and shoes.

It is necessary to acquire new furniture and make rearrangements only after general cleaning.


Entrance hall

This room may be square or elongated. In this and in another case, it is necessary to equip the upper part. At the top will be enough one long shelf. On the walls you need to fix the hooks of different configurations and sizes. They are placed in even rows or randomly so that hanging things are as far apart as possible. A small wardrobe system and separate open modules will be able to store most of the outerwear. The presence of a high wall in the corridor is a very common phenomenon, but it may not be enough: it is recommended to buy special inclined shelves for shoes. In the corridor wicker baskets for large items and organizers for small things will be useful. Such devices are necessary first of all for those who, when leaving the house, forget keys and other things. You can store umbrellas near the front door. In the corner of the hallway there is a place for one or two chairs. You can save space due to a large railing system as an alternative to the wall.



The most spacious storage rooms in the bedroom are the wardrobe and the inside of the bed. The headboard can be protected with panels, and above it - to place the facade with doors. Under the bed settled vykatny sections. The bed can also be moved away from the wall to set up an additional container in the resulting gap. A folding bed will not be the best solution for a small room, since it will not work to realize these ideas. Recently, mirrors with a secret have again become popular - an excellent place to store cosmetics and hygiene products. Shopping lovers should not buy a wardrobe, but stay on open wardrobe systems with a large number of hangers and racks with wheels. In order to save space, it is worth thinking about the correct placement of furniture elements. There is no need to surround the bed with furniture, instead it can be placed in one of the corners, and the other half of the room can be equipped with elements for storing personal belongings.



The largest number of storage ideas associated with the kitchen. It is equipped with additional shelves and other devices for easy storage. The magnetic board will be the most useful and original element: all pans, pots and cutlery will fit on it. External and internal surfaces of cabinets can also increase storage area. Manufacturers equip furniture fronts sliding sections, through which you can maintain order among the kitchen utensils. The ends of the headset and apron are suitable places for installing small rail systems.

Perforated surfaces and hooks on the walls are only slightly inferior in functionality to boards with a magnetic surface, and in some cases are indispensable. On hanging boards with hooks, you can hold mugs and different containers. For accurate storage of dishes need shelves for bedside tables. You can also purchase a model on wheels, in which it will be convenient to transport food to other rooms.

In modern kitchens you can find a few more useful devices:

  1. Folding table. An equivalent replacement for the usual.
  2. Retractable table.
  3. Retractable cutting board. Allows you to use the surface for storing kitchen utensils.


Living room

When arranging this room, people often make mistakes. It may be too small or a large headset, extra chairs, a huge carpet. Modern furniture with various functional devices, specialized sections, modules of closed and open type will provide the owner with enough options for competent planning. TV is better placed on a separate cabinet, but it is possible in the central part of the wall - its configuration should provide for such a possibility. Large living room must be divided into parts using high partitions. Elements with a small functional load should be avoided. In the hall will be useful open racks for things. It is better to make the central part of the living room as spacious and free as possible, therefore you should not overload the coffee table. But its interior can be used to store books and other things. A large table will not fit into a modern design, but for a small apartment practicality is much more important.



In this room, you often have to clean up, especially if the children are small. Subjects are divided into 3 main categories: toys, clothes and textbooks. They must be kept separate from each other. Items must also be sorted by size. In addition to furniture, boxes, baskets, and containers are used as storage. Children will be interested every time to get items from them and put back. Boxes decorated with stickers. The furniture in the nursery should be low, without a large number of open sections so that the child does not fall down and drop it on himself. A large children's bed is another suitable place for storage. If the space is still not enough, then wall pockets can be useful. Popular are large mesh bags for placing children's toys.



This is a compact room: the area is limited to 2.5-5 square meters. One of the main points is the choice between a bath and a shower. A narrow bath can be slightly more comfortable than a vertical cabin. However, in a more or less spacious bathroom should pay attention to the rational use of the rest of the space. The best places to put various accessories are under the sink and under the bath. Hygiene products can be stored in mirrors with a secret. Instead of the classic corner shelves you need to purchase a system with 3-4 levels. It should be placed on the side of the bath. The room must be equipped with several holders for towels and rags. In planning a bathroom, the way the door is opened is important: inward or outward. In the combined bathroom is recommended to divide the space into two parts, or at least close the bath screen. In the toilet you can place a bedside table with narrow drawers with sections for detergents and personal items.

You should not try to save space in the bathroom due to the small size of the washing machine!



All kinds of clothes are stored in this room. The first step is to divide the room into male and female parts. Then it will be easier for tenants to assemble. In the female part, there must be a high middle section for dresses. The lower zone is not higher than 45-50 cm and is intended for shoes. At least two zones are necessary, but three are better - including the upper one. The ideal height of the shelves is 35-45 cm. Systems with many hooks will be useful in the dressing room. Racks are also required. It is recommended to purchase bunk or combined rails. It is desirable that the wardrobe furniture had as many hangers as possible. Inside the headset you need to put special flavors, then it will be possible to store more clothes in one chamber. In the dressing room you need to buy large chairs in order to get clothes from the upper tier.

At the top of the wardrobe should be stored:

  • towels;
  • hats;
  • containers;
  • suitcases.



Balconies have a small area, so these rooms are used to the maximum. However, do not allow confusion. At the far end of the balcony you can make a storage with a sliding door. In small stands keep shoes. On the wall does not hurt to make several wide shelves. Similarly, it is necessary to finish and loggia. Spins, fresh vegetables and fruits are usually placed on the balconies. In winter, they are best kept in a relatively warm place. For this, you can make a thermal box from boards, plywood sheets, and thermal insulation materials. On sale there is a wide choice of thermal containers in various price categories. On the balcony is to provide space for 1-2 tall narrow shelving. They are used to accommodate flowerpots with plants, small decorative objects, containers, work tools, workwear, shoes.


Do-it-yourself storage ideas

Some interesting options are:

  • tin cans for kitchen stock;
  • knitted organizers;
  • box padded stool with a protective cover.

Some containers can be made personally. If you use detailed instructions, you can make even a complex structure. Thermo boxes for storage of fruits and vegetables are created from foam and plywood. In winter, the products will retain freshness and at the same time do not deteriorate due to severe frosts. The functionality of the store will expand if you provide it with a heating system. Foam rubber and various thick fabrics will help to keep warm. Warming fastens with a furniture stapler. If you use materials with a presentable appearance, the box will turn into a beautiful piece of furniture. In summer you can sit on it. In any room, especially in such as the kitchen, pantry, hallway and balcony, racking systems will be useful. If there is a need for additional storage, then it is worth trying to make a rack of drawers and boards, with wheels for mobility. For other rooms the same systems from the boxes, as well as various buckets will do. They need to be decorated with beautiful fabrics.

Unusual and beautiful examples in the interior

From the chests create beautiful elements of decor. For rational use of space it is recommended to make a small but roomy table out of it. If we take additional supports and the surface for the table top, then we get a full-fledged dining furniture, and a beautiful coffee table will come out of only one chest. With the help of guides, lugs and screws, you can fix the ironing board in one of the sections of the furniture set. Folding furniture is a great place to store items that are rarely used. Modern and stylish kitchen sets, equipped with lifting shelves. This device helps to quickly take the desired item, such as spices or oil. Additional sections near the sink are used to accommodate household chemicals. The basement of the kitchen set is equipped with additional pull-out trays. Some models have drawers with extendable sections from bottom to top. Walls equipped with lots of hooks look beautiful.



You should not make premature conclusions that housing is too cramped - “thoughtful” storage systems appeared on the market. You can get rid of the mess with the help of containers and packages with zippers. They put small items in them. You may have to buy an additional amount of furniture or replace the one that is. It will not be superfluous to add mobile designs. At any time, you can apply your own skills in needlework and make a roomy and functional device. On the Internet you can find a lot of videos with step-by-step master classes. Particular attention should be paid to the sorting of items. Such measures will help to properly plan the space and find a lot of extra space. Everyone in the apartment has at least 20% of useless and impractical things. They must be thrown away or moved to a more suitable place: a garage or basement. You need to start organizing with living rooms and kitchens. First of all, it is determined what to do with large objects: suitcases, bicycles, musical instruments.

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