Interior of a one-room studio apartment of 42 sq. M. m

The main difficulty in creating the project of a one-room studio apartment was the change to the initially inconvenient layout: the small room was very long. As a result of a competent approach of designers, instead of a typical “odnushka”, the owners received modern housing, which has all the functional areas they need: a kitchen, a living room, a place to work, and a separate sleeping area.

So that the already small space of the apartment did not seem even smaller, zoning was carried out by partitions from wooden slats, which look like shutters. They transmit light and at the same time divide the total area into separate parts. In this interior used decoration materials characteristic of eco-style. First of all, it is a large amount of wood, the surface of which is not covered with paint, as well as natural stone. Natural materials give the situation a natural and close to nature.


As a result of redevelopment from the elongated narrow room managed to get away. In the interior of a one-room studio apartment there are four practically square in terms of zones: the entrance, kitchen, guest and bedroom.

Living room

In this room, the TV panel was abandoned, and its place - opposite the sofa - took a table with two workstations. Computers completely replace the TV if necessary. In the event that the company wants to watch a movie, they use a projector - its screen goes down right above the desktop. Near the comfortable sofa - a miniature coffee table, the design of which allows you to move it close to the sofa.


Since the apartment owners do not work in the office, a study in the interior of a one-room studio apartment has become a necessity. Part of the living room was turned into such an office. Two comfortable workplaces are located against the wall, on which an interesting decor is applied - by looking away from the screen, young people will focus it on the details of the pattern, thus giving relief to the eyes.


To save space from the classic layout of the bedroom - a bed with side tables on the sides - the designers refused. They built a podium on which a mattress was laid, and “wooden” walls were erected around it.

An additional storage system was arranged in the podium, and the partition was separated from the rest of the room by a wooden stripe partition. The TV panel is built into the wall opposite the headboard and highlighted around the perimeter - it looks very futuristic.


The working surfaces in the kitchen zone in the project of a one-room studio apartment are arranged in the shape of a letter P. The black tabletop is made of artificial stone.

Instead of a dining table - a bar counter, behind which six people easily fit. Above the dining area, the light accent is a loft-style lamp-bulbs hanging from the ceiling on long cords, with no lamp shades. Such companies produce many companies, in particular, Zangra.

Wood floors and walls, wooden partitions, blinds form an attractive contrast to the black gloss of artificial stone, and creates a modern eco-directional interior. The joints of the walls with the ceiling are illuminated by LED strip, which makes the room lighter and visually increases its height.

They decided to refuse volume draperies in order to save space and not to distract attention. Instead of them, the curtains-rolls of white material were hung on the windows; their purpose is to adjust the level of illumination.

Entrance hall

The room seems more spacious, and its proportions are not so striking due to the laminate finishing of the surfaces of the walls, as well as the ceiling and the floor. The texture of the tree gives warmth and comfort.

One of their walls was covered with slate paint. Drawings, notes, "reminders" - all this becomes part of the interior and allows you to express your creative aspirations. It is enough to take a damp cloth and wipe the wall to change the decor.

In the project of a one-room studio apartment, loft-style techniques were used. In the hallway it is high, in the height of a person a mirror placed on the floor against the wall, as well as industrial-style lamps.

Romantic accordion-blinds replaced the usual door connecting the entrance area with the living room. The doorway that she covers is wider than usual, which gives a feeling of spaciousness. Even when closed, these doors do not interfere with the perception of space as a whole and let daylight into the hallway. At the same time, a clear division into separate zones is maintained.


The bathroom is the most brutal in the interior of a one-room studio apartment. In the decoration of the walls in the wet zone and in the toilet area applied microcement, resembling concrete. Micro-cement was laid to create the illusion of tile layouts.

Between these two zones, part of the floor and the wall is lined with light wood — an unusual shape sink and a large mirror are fixed on it. The wooden strip divides the space into two separate zones: a toilet and a bathroom. In addition, it informs the room of comfort and softens the brutality of the concrete surface.

For the lighting meet the strip of LEDs embedded in the floor between the wooden and microcement finish. In addition, the walls are highlighted in the corners. It seems that through the loosely fitting wall panels the light from the street penetrates into the bathroom.

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